Welcome to AHISA’s microsite dedicated to highlighting our work in the 2017-19 biennium. As AHISA’s National Chair in 2017-19 it is my pleasure to guide you through our key achievements.

AHISA’s work in 2017-19 was directed by our three strategic priorities:

  1. To build the capacity and sustainability of our members throughout their leadership journey
  2. To identify and develop the future generation of autonomous school leaders
  3. To be an influential voice on educational issues and policy making.

Underpinning our work were our three corporate values: collegiality, contribution and collaboration. Without members’ generous giving of their time and sharing of their experience and expertise, without their willingness to humbly ask and gratefully receive, and without their readiness to engage in collegial practice AHISA could not serve its members or the wider educational community to the depth and breadth that it does. You will clearly see these values in action as you explore the biennium highlights.

A second theme you will be able to identify is that of the power of AHISA as a professional association to develop the profession and those who work within it. ‘For the profession, by the profession’ is an invisible tagline in all that we report on the biennium.

AHISA owes particular thanks to those members who served on AHISA’s Board and in Branch positions during 2017-19, and to our National Office under the leadership of CEO Beth Blackwood.

All in the broad AHISA family can take satisfaction in knowing that in 2017-19 together we were able to contribute to upholding and developing the quality of school leadership in Australia.

I invite you to begin exploring highlights from the biennium by choosing a strategic priority below.

AHISA Strategic Priorities

AHISA Members

AHISA Partners during 2017 – 2019

Note: Sommerville was a partner until August 2018