Supporting aspiring Heads

Aspiring Heads of independent schools typically acquire their qualification for appointment through experience in a range of senior leadership roles and engagement in higher learning at masters or doctoral levels. AHISA is aware that the pathway to Headship is significantly improved by early identification and encouragement, development and professional support. 

To assist members to identify and encourage potential school leaders, and to provide the professional support aspiring Heads require, AHISA introduced a special Aspirant category of membership in 2016. Aspirant members have access to an expanding body of online resources covering topics ranging from finance, governance and strategic planning to team building, teacher effectiveness and self care. In 2017-19, a program of workshops and masterclasses was delivered for aspiring leaders covering topics such as financial literacy, personal presentation and resumé preparation.

Of the 227 senior leaders who have been Aspirant members since 2016, 22 are now Heads and full members of AHISA. There are currently 165 Aspirant members.

AHISA’s Shadowing Program

AHISA’s Shadowing Program is open to Aspirant members and aspiring leaders nominated by their Heads. The program offers senior leaders the opportunity to observe and follow established AHISA Heads over two to three days, to gain insight into the requirements and reality of school leadership in a different organisational setting. AHISA is grateful to members who generously give of their time to sustain this important aspect of leadership development.