AHISA welcomes Labor’s proposed National Principals’ Academy

The Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) welcomes today’s announcement by Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Tanya Plibersek, that a federal Labor government would establish a National Principals’ Academy.

‘We are particularly pleased that the national principals’ associations are to be consulted about the Academy should Labor win government,’ said AHISA’s CEO Ms Beth Blackwood. ‘The involvement of the profession is vital if such a venture is to be successful in supporting the development of principals.’

Ms Blackwood said that although few details of the ALP proposal were available, the concept of a national focus on school leadership development had merit.

‘The work of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) has already laid firm foundations for a national approach to principal development that respects jurisdiction and sector differences,’ said Ms Blackwood.

‘The online leadership development tools produced by AITSL, which align with the Australian Professional Standard for Principals, are highly valued,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘Online access recognises the significant work load of principals and is particularly important for current and aspiring leaders in regional, rural and remote areas.’

Ms Blackwood said she would be interested in seeing a National Principals’ Academy invest in simulation technology to enhance online professional learning for principals.

‘Some overseas universities are already using sophisticated simulation software for targeted professional development of teachers,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘There could be a place for such technology to help principals hone their techniques in coaching staff or creating high performing teams, for example. These are skills that require practice, not just understanding of theory, and they are skills that can significantly amplify the impact of principals on teaching and learning.’

Ms Blackwood said the announcement of additional funding for students with disability was very welcome.

‘Provision is made for additional support for students with disability through loadings to general recurrent grants, but supplementation through a targeting funding program makes sense,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘It has the potential to make a big difference to students, their families and schools.’


Contact: Ms Beth Blackwood, AHISA CEO, mobile 0417 180 842.

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AHISA welcomes Labor's proposed National Principals' Academy