10 October 2018

Investment in education is an investment in Australia's future

National Chair of the Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA), Dr Mark Merry, has welcomed confirmation of increased federal funding for government schools if Labor wins government at the next federal election.

‘Both the Coalition and the ALP have signalled they are prepared to invest record levels of funding in the early learning and school education sectors over the next decade and beyond,’ said Dr Merry. ‘At a time of such rapid social and technological change, investing in education is one of the best ways of future proofing the nation.’

Dr Merry, who is Principal of Yarra Valley Grammar in Victoria, said that both the Australian Government and the Opposition had indicated that higher funding came with higher expectations.

‘It has not yet been made clear just what the conditions of funding for schools will be,’ said Dr Merry. ‘It is important that schools are held accountable for taxpayer funds and for the quality of education they provide. At the same time accountability should not entail uniformity.

‘All educators strive for optimum outcomes for their students, but they may disagree on how those outcomes are best achieved. A diversity of pathways to excellence is worth supporting and encouraging, especially as the rapid evolution of education demands that schools be agile, creative and innovative.

‘The last thing Australia can afford now is to shrink wrap schools into a one-size-fits-all approach to education,’ said Dr Merry.


Contact: Ms Beth Blackwood, AHISA CEO, mobile 0417 180 842.

AHISA is a professional association of 440 Heads of independent schools. Its members lead schools that collectively account for over 11 per cent of total Australian school enrolments and 20 per cent of Year 12 enrolments.

Investment in education is an investment in Australia's future - Media release