School leadership is rewarding, but it is also complex and challenging — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope the Friday (re)Treat video series helps you find refreshment and renewed energy in your role.

#12: AHISA National Chair Rev Chris Ivey 

In our final Friday (re)Treat for 2021, AHISA National Chair Reverend Chris Ivey suggests taking some time in the coming weeks to ponder the year that was. He encourages us to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of 2021, as a valuable way of preparing ourselves for 2022.


#11: Cornish College Chaplain, Rev Claire Dawe

Reverend Claire Dawe, chaplain at Cornish College in Victoria, asks us to remember that we are not alone during difficult times, as God is with us always. She urges us to look with courage towards the resources we do have, rather than focusing on what is lacking or in deficit. Cornish College is lead by AHISA member Nicola Forrest, and we thank all involved for facilitating this message.

#9: Scotch College WA Chaplain, Rev Gary van Heerden

Reverend Gary van Heerden, Chaplain at Scotch College in WA, shares with us a message about the healing power of being seen, heard and acknowledged. He encourages us to be bearers of this comfort for others and reminds us that God sees and understands us always. Scotch College WA is the school of AHISA board member Dr Alec O'Connell and we thank all involved for this message.

#9: Phillip Heath and Dr Jenny George, via the 2021 National Prayer Breakfast 

In this excerpt from the 2021 National Prayer Breakfast, livestreamed from Parliament House on 8 November, AHISA member Phillip Heath (Barker College, NSW) offers a prayer for families, children and educators following the challenges of 2021. Dr Jenny George, CEO of Converge International, then shares her own story as a Christian finding calling, marrying her faith with a distinguished career in mathematics, academia and the not-for-profit sector. The excerpt is shared with permission from City Bible Forum and we thank them for their generosity. You can watch a replay of the full National Prayer Breakfast livestream here.

#8: Father Chris Gleeson

In his second message for the Friday (re)Treat series, Father Chris Gleeson SJ shares a presentation on educating for depth, exploring how educators can nourish rich mental and spiritual worlds within their students. He reminds members that tending to their own inner worlds is the first step and is critical to their leadership in schools.

#7: Huntingtower School Chaplain Robin Clarke

Chaplain Robin Clarke, from Huntingtower School in Victoria, asks us to reflect on whether we will remember 2020-2021 as a time when character was built, or as a time of hardship. Ms Clarke urges us to celebrate our successes and reminds us of the importance of trust and faith. AHISA thanks member Andrew Houghton, Huntingtower School Principal, for arranging this message.

#6: Rev Chris Welsh

As another pandemic lockdown comes to an end in Australia’s eastern states, Reverend Chris Welsh shares with us a gentle reminder of our part of the great miracle of creation. Reverend Welsh is the former Editor of AHISA's Independence journal and an Honorary AHISA member — and this is his second message in the Friday (re)Treat video series.

#5: Mufti Aasim Rashid

Mufti Aasim Rashid, from Al Siraat College in Epping, shares a reflection on the importance of modelling resilience as an educator and maintaining personal vitality, faith and hope in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many thanks to Fazeel Arain, Principal of Al Siraat College, for arranging this message.

#4: AHISA Vic Branch Chair Meg Hansen

AHISA Vic Branch Chair Meg Hansen reflects on a moving moment during her current principalship, and asks members to use the privileges afforded to them in their roles to encourage those under their leadership to think deeply and advocate on behalf of life on the planet. Meg is the outgoing Principal of Westbourne Grammar in Victoria. This video was originally shared as a farewell message during AHISA’s online 2021 Biennial Conference, ahead of her departure from the association.

#3: Rev Chris Welsh

Reverend Chris Welsh, former Editor of AHISA's Independence journal and an Honorary AHISA member, urges all of us to pause during these challenging times, look inwards and ask ourselves the question "how are you?". Chris is a former Headmaster and Chaplain of Canberra Grammar School and a former Headmaster of Oxley College, NSW.

#2: Father Chris Gleeson SJ

Father Chris Gleeson SJ, former AHISA National Chair and former Principal of both Xavier College in Melbourne and Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview NSW, shares a presentation titled 'Hope: Dancing with a limp — a reflection for AHISA heads'. Father Gleeson is also a published author. His most recent book, Springboards: A Deeper Ignatian Way, was published in 2020.

#1: AHISA National Chair Rev Chris Ivey

In this first edition of the Friday (re)Treat, AHISA National Chair Reverend Chris Ivey shares a message with members, reflecting on reasons to give thanks for the changing of the seasons.