What principals are reading

Dear Colleagues,

I cordially invite you to contribute a comment on your past, present or future reading list to our 'What principals are reading’ project. Contributions of 50–500 words – or more – by current members are welcome. Former members generally contribute longer reviews to this section and they also appear below.

If you would like to add to this resource please email me at beth.blackwood@ahisa.edu.au.

Beth Blackwood, AHISA CEO

February 2019
Deep Learning, by Michael Fullen,
Joanne Quinn & Joanne McEachen
- Reviewed by Rod Kefford

February 2019
The Coaching Habit, by Michael Bungay Stanier
- Reviewed by Anne Hastings

February 2019
Leaders - Myth and Reality, by Stanley
McChrystal, Jeff Eggers, Jason Mangone
- Reviewed by Jane Munro

February 2019
Business Chemistry, by Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg
- Reviewed by Judith Poole

February 2019
Teaching for Purpose,
by Heather Malin
- Reviewed by John Bednall

February 2019
The Trans Generation,
by Ann Travers
- Reviewed by Lyndal Wilson