Consent, sex education and respectful relationships

AHISA is monitoring reporting of commentary and actions being taken by governments and the education sector in response to the TeachUsConsent campaign for change in consent education in schools. 

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To be effective, 'respectful relationship education must take a whole-of-school approach and can do this by supporting staff through professional learning and have a long-term vision and commitment’.

  • The federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment has funded a new online resource to support respectful relationships education in all Australian schools, called The Good Society. The site is part of the Australian Government’s Respect Matters program, and includes learning activities designed for specific age groups, as well as resources for teachers, parents and carers. 
  • The NSW Government has launched a website, #makenodoubt, to promote the issue of consent amongst all age groups.
  • Former AHISA member, Dr Tim Hawkes OAM, is a co-director of Truwell, which produces student and staff wellbeing resources for schools. Tim and Truwell partner Adam Weber are offering AHISA members free access to Truwell’s online course on sexual consent, which is suitable for students, parents and staff. The course features a discussion of consent, presented by Tim and segmented to cover various aspects of sexuality and relationships.  
  • Talk Revolution is a new learning resource created to make it easier to open the dialogue around taboo topics in schools, in a way that teenagers can relate to. Presented by kids for kids, Talk Revolution is a series of eight video-based learning modules covering sensitive teenage ‘talks’: Sex Talk, Drug Talk, Alcohol Talk, Eating Disorder Talk, Gender Based Violence Talk, Sexuality Talk, Period Talk, and Suicide and Self Harm Talk. 
  • Our Watch, which aims to prevent violence against women and children, released a briefing paper and related evidence report for policy makers to assist in designing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring evidence-based approaches to respectful relationships education.




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