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Member testimonials

'The whole process, due to the national comparative data and also the breakdown of the internal survey data, was so much richer for setting goals'
Catherine O'Kane, Principal, All Hallows' School, Brisbane

'It highlights areas that you need to focus on and also helps you to prioritise those areas in relation to the strategic plan of the school or the school's priorities.'
Donella Beare, Principal, St Stephen's School, Perth

'The debriefing was very helpful and encouraged me to reflect on the data and use it as part of my action plan'
Mark Stower, former Principal, Villanova College, Brisbane

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Malcolm Lamb AM

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An educator, school leader and mentor, Malcolm is a former chair of AHISA and a former principal of Pembroke School, SA (1991-2010). Since leaving Pembroke, Malcolm has undertaken a variety of roles helping independent school boards and principals with change management, staff appointments and professional appraisals.

Bobby Court

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Bobby has been a principal in Catholic independent schools for over 20 years. An enthusiastic member of AHISA since 1998, she passionately promotes and encourages the vital role of the principal and their leadership teams, for which she has been acknowledged by both ACE and ACEL. She has served and been involved with senior secondary authorities, universities and the AHISA National Board.  Her current work with school regulatory authorities and Boards continues to build her experience and knowledge of good governance and management strategies, particularly around child safeguarding.

Dr David Mulford

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David was a Principal of three AHISA schools for 28 years. He now mentors both Principals and senior staff, conducts school reviews on various topics, leads appraisal of senior staff, joins selection panels, provides governance advice, serves on two school Boards and speaks at various forums.