The Leading, Learning & Caring Conference will run from Monday 11 – Wednesday 13 April 2022, with two pre-conference sessions on Sunday 10 April 2022.

A downloadable version of the conference handbook is available here

Sunday 10 April 2022

8am  Registration desk open (Level 1 Foyer)
8.30am   Pre-conference option: Financial Literacy Workshop (8.30am-5pm)
Room: Meeting Room 103
   Open to all conference delegates (additional charges apply)
 Read more on the Financial Literacy Workshop
12.45pm   Pre-conference option: Governance 101 Masterclass (12.45-5pm)
Room: Meeting Room 104
   For AHISA Aspirant Members only. Free of charge.
 Read more on the Governance 101 Masterclass.
5pm  Aspirant Happy Hour (5-6pm)
   For delegates of both pre-conference workshops

Monday 11 April 2022

8.00am    Registration desk open
9am    Pre-conference option: School Visit Program (9am-12pm)
    Read more about each school tour
    Tour 1: Camberwell Girls' Grammar School, Carey Baptist Grammar School
    Tour 2: Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne Girls Grammar School
    Tour 3: Firbank Grammar School, Brighton Grammar School, Mentone Grammar
    Tour 4: Strathcona Girls Grammar School, St Catherine's School
    Tour 5: Trinity Grammar School, Ruyton Girls' School
    Tour 6: Aitken College, Overnewton Anglican Community College
 12pm   Lunch
Room: Exhibition hall
 1pm   Conference opening session
Goldfields Theatre
    Welcome to Country
Conference opening, Rev Chris Ivey, AHISA National Chair
 1.30pm   Keynote: Simon Breakspear
Room: Goldfields Theatre
    Leading Responsive Implementation
The psychology of helping adults change what they do. Abstract
 2.30pm   Peer group session 1 


Small groups of 10-15 delegates provide an opportunity to share candidly about the joys and challenges of your roles, as well as your key conference takeaways. 
Opt in when you register in order to be allocated into a peer group with others in similar roles to yourself.

 3.30pm   Afternoon tea
Room: Exhibition hall
 4pm   Concurrent workshop 1 (4-5pm)
    Read more about each option for workshop 1

  1.1 Responsive Implementation into Action: Running cycles of interactive work with teams
          Dr Simon Breakspear
Goldfields Theatre
    1.2 Becoming a 'manager' and not simply an 'employee'
           Ben Tallboys, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
Eureka Room 1
     1.3 EMPOWHER – The design, implementation, and evaluation of an evidence-based wellbeing program.
          Richard Lisle, St Peter's Girls' School , SA
Courtyard Room 1
    1.4 Lessons from Lockdown and Beyond: proactive approaches with positive outcomes for wellbeing and learning
         Liz Cannon and Megan Krimmer, Abbotsleigh, NSW
Eureka Room 2
     1.5 Managing The Media – Successful reactive and Proactive Strategies
         Sam Elam, Media Manoeuvres
Eureka Room 3   
    1.6 Providing the 'How' to Whole School Wellbeing
           Laura Brennan & Pascale Drever, Ascham School, NSW
Courtyard Room 2
 5pm   Welcome Reception (5-7pm)
Room: Exhibition hall
    Join us for an enjoyable evening of food, wine and fun entertainment.
Lucky door prizes will be up for grabs.
 7pm   Day concludes 

Tuesday 12 April 2022

 8am    Registration desk open
 8am   Arrival tea and coffee 
 9am   Keynote: Lee Watanabe Crockett
Goldfields Theatre
    "Future-Focused Learning" Abstract
 10am   Morning tea
Room: Exhibition hall
 10.30am   Ignite talks (10:30-11:30am)
    Select one group where you will hear from four speakers presenting for 10 minutes each on a range of topics.
 Group 1   Read abstracts for Group 1 here
Room: Eureka Room 1
    1. Using Podcasting to Empower 21st Century Parenting at Your School
          David Collins, Inaburra School, NSW
    2. The First Years of Executive Leadership: Lessons I have Learned
         Ian Finn, Arndell Anglican College, NSW
    3. Collecting, analysing and using evidence from lesson observations
         Kirsten Macaulay, St. Andrew's Cathedral School, NSW
     4. Leading, learning and caring through student voice and agency
         Chad Brown, High Resolves
 Group 2   Read abstracts for Group 2 here
Room: Eureka Room 2
    1. Empowerment - Now and Beyond!
         Kathleen Kemp, Moama Anglican Grammar, NSW
    2. TELL - Translating Professional Learning into Classroom Practice
         Ross Phillips, Strathcona Girls Grammar School, Vic
    3. Preparing our students for learning through the teaching of Emotional Intelligence
        Brett Borbely, Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School, Vic 
    4. Using data in your strategic planning
         Peter Buckingham, Spectrum Analysis
 Group 3   Read abstracts for Group 3 here
Room: Courtyard Room 1
    1. Pathways, Academics & Welllbeing (PAW) Coaching Model for supporting Senior Students
        Amber Sowden, Strathcona Girls Grammar, Vic
    2. A Case for Ethical Leadership and Ecological Literacy
        Samantha Jensen, Mount Alvernia College, Qld
    3. Using data to improve student academic outcomes and wellbeing
         Patrick Sanders, Brighton Grammar School, Vic
 Group 4   Read abstracts for Group 4 here
Room: Goldfields Theatre
     1. Goals and growth – a whole school approach to reimaging reporting
         Kathy Chiera, Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School, WA
    2. What Works - Boys, year 12 Academic Success and the HSC
        Alan Parsons, Newcastle Grammar School, NSW
    3. Creating community and building capacity: the shared approach of brother and sister schools
         Sheri Upasiri, St Hilda's School, Qld
    4. Design Thinking to develop Student Agency and Transferable Skills within a Trans-disciplinary Program
        Kimberley Moor, Strathcona Girls Grammar School, Vic
 Group 5   Read abstracts for Group 5 here
Room: Eureka Room 3
    1. Mindfulness: Neurons that Fire Together, Wire Together. Training our Minds to Change our Brains
        Monica Le Couteur, Brighton Grammar School, Vic
    2. $1B worth of Primary and Secondary School Projects - Lessons Learnt
        Brad Walton, Aurecon
    3. The impact of a rural context on leadership
        Kristen Waldron, The Hamilton and Alexandra College, Vic 
    4. Classroom Observation: Making Time for Practice 
        Kane Bradford, Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, NSW 
 11.30am   Peer group 2
    Pick up where you left off with your peer group from day one
 12pm   Lunch
Room: Exhibition hall
 1pm   Concurrent workshop 2 (1-2pm)
     Read more about each option for workshop 2
    2.1 Mindful Assessment: The essential fluencies of innovative learning
          Lee Watanabe Crockett
Goldfields Theatre
    2.2 Principalship - are you 'match fit'?
           Chris Franklin, Founder, AdValore Partners
       Room: Courtyard Room 1
    2.3 From anxiety to empowerment: Identifying interventions that reduce academic worry in girls.
            Linda Douglas & Cathryn Furey, Ruyton Girls' School, Vic
Eureka Room 1
    2.4 School improvement through a coaching approach
           Mark Dowley, Crowther Centre - Brighton Grammar School, Vic
Eureka Room 2
    2.5 Artificial Intelligence in Education – Promises and Pitfalls
            Gerard Houlihan, St Michael's Grammar School, Vic
Eureka Room 3
    2.6 Reporting on progress rather than achievement
            Ben Lawless, Aitken College, Vic
Room: Courtyard Room 2
 2pm    Keynote: Ian Gilbert
Goldfields Theatre
    "You're not thinking, you're just being logical"
When schools get things wrong by doing things right and what we can do about it.  Abstract
 3pm    Afternoon tea
Room: Exhibition hall
 3.30pm   Concurrent workshop 3 (3.30-4.30pm)
     Read more about each option for workshop 3
    3.1 Growing digital citizens
           Lee Watanabe Crockett
Eureka Room 1
    3.2 Thinking, self esteem and the being well agenda
           Ian Gilbert
Goldfields Theatre
    3.3 Breaking down the silos: How one school has cross-pollinated ideas, strategies and knowledge across K-12 teachers for better student outcomes.
           Kirsten Macaulay and Kaye Chalwell, St. Andrew's Cathedral School, NSW
Room: Eureka Room 2
    3.4 Capturing the lived experiences of a strengths-based approach through the narratives of students
           Marnie Thomas, Newcastle Grammar School, NSW
Eureka Room 3
    3.5 Developing leadership from within our own school communities
          Darren Hovey,  Galen Catholic College, Vic
Courtyard Room 1
    3.6 Entrepreneurial Learning – beyond the bake sale!”. Teaching students to be entrepreneurial-minded learners.
           Karyn Murray, Strathcona Girls Grammar, Vic
Courtyard Room 2
 4.30pm   Happy hour (4.30-5.30pm)
Room: Exhibition hall
    Enjoy a cold drink with new friends
 5.30pm   Day concludes 
 6.30pm   Optional: Hosted dinners
    Take advantage of Melbourne's culinary reputation and opt in for one of our hosted dinners. There are six restaurants to choose from with numbers capped at each to ensure a relaxed and intimate experience. 

Wednesday 13 April 2022

 8.30am   Registration desk open
 8.30am   Arrival tea and coffee
 9am    Keynote: Michael Bungay Stanier 
Goldfields Theatre
    "The 5 question leader" Abstract
 10.30am   Morning tea
Room: Exhibition hall
 11am   Concurrent workshop 4 (11am-12pm)
     Read more about each option for workshop 4
    4.1 Panel of Principalship
          What is it really like to be a Principal and how do you get there?
       Room: Goldfields Theatre
    4.2 Evidence-informed Decision Making for Wellbeing Programs: A School-University Partnership
           Michelle Mckersey, Moreton Bay College, Qld
Courtyard Room 1
    4.3 A Whole School Approach to Wellbeing: A Framework of Principles and Practice
          Angela Drysdale, Nikki Townsend and Annette Box, St Margaret's Anglican Girls School, Qld
Courtyard Room 2
    4.4 Thinker Centred Learning
           Ross Phillips, Strathcona Girls Grammar School, Vic
Eureka Room 1
    4.5 More Reasons to Change Than Not To: A Case Study in Taking the Leap
          Nicola Forrest, Laurent Julicher, Nicole Timbrell and Jeanette Russell, Cornish College, Vic
Eureka Room 2
    4.6 The future is now: developing micro-credentials as an integral part of a unique schooling eco-system
           Mr Mathew Irving, Wesley college, WA
Eureka Room 3
 12pm   Keynote: Kristen Douglas
Goldfields Theatre
     "2022 School leader wellbeing" Abstract
 1pm   Conference close 
 1.30pm   Lunch
Room: Exhibition hall
    Stay on for our final lunch and the announcement of the competition winners
(You must be present to claim your prize)
 2.30pm   Conference concludes

Program content and timings are subject to change without notice