Michael Bungay Stanier
Keynote 4

The 5 question leader

This session will give you the tools to make coaching part of your everyday repertoire.
In this 90-minute session, you will learn how to be more coach-like and be able to support your teams through consistent and ongoing feedback. Michael will share practical ways to slay "the advice monster" and foster autonomous, accountable teams. You will also learn a proven framework for more productive, engaging conversations. 

Wednesday 12 April: 9am – 10.30am


About Michael Bungay Stanier

Box of Crayons

Michael is the founder of Box of Crayons, a company that champions coaching as a force for leadership development and culture change. They teach managers and leaders practical tools so they can coach in 10 minutes or less. On the way to founding Box of Crayons in 2002, Michael lived in Australia, England, the United States and Canada, his current home.

He has written a number of books. His latest, the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Coaching Habit, has sold over half a million copies. It has been praised as one of the few business books that actually makes people laugh out loud. He was the first Canadian Coach of the Year, is a Rhodes Scholar, and has been recognized as one of the Global Gurus in coaching. Balancing out these moments of success, Michael was banned from his high school graduation for 'the balloon incident', was sued by one of his law school lecturers for defamation, and his first published piece of writing was a Harlequin romance short story called 'The Male Delivery'.

'If I had to pick a person to have dinner with, when I need to be prodded and challenged and inspired to think about the things I really am committed to think about for myself and what I’m doing, I’d pick Michael Bungay Stanier. He has an ability to shake our tree and make us more conscious and responsible about what we know but aren’t willing to admit we know yet.' — David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

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