The abstract submission period for LLC 2022 has closed.

The submission deadline was Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. AEST. Authors identified as the Presenting Author will be notified by email regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of the abstract by or before 29 October 2021. Please do not contact the AHISA Office prior to this date to inquire about the status of your abstract. The Presenting Author is responsible for notifying all coauthors of an abstract’s acceptance.

Important Abstract Dates
Friday, 18 March 2022 Deadline for Ignite and Workshop presenters to submit a slide presentation
Sunday, 10 April 2022 Pre-Conference activities commence 
Monday - Wednesday,
April 11- 13 2022     
Accepted abstracts will be scheduled for in-person presentations on one of these days

Abstract Categories


Workshops will run for 50 minutes and will be presented to an audience of approximately 40-60 delegates. The intent is for you to share in details an evidence based educational practice that has been or is being implemented in a school or across schools.

The Ignite session is designed to be a platform where delegates can hear from a number of speakers in quick succession. As a presenter, you will have 10 minutes in which to present one idea/concept/challenge/principle. Your presentation should be short, sharp and relevant to the audience. Four or five presenters will be grouped together and will collectively finish with audience Q&A once everyone has spoken. It is intended to be a collegial sharing experience with the opportunity to follow up further detail, ideas or practices that resonate with the presenters.

Please note: Registration is essential for ALL presenters
Presenters are required to pay for their registration, accommodation and airfares to the conference; however, the early bird discount will be offered to all accepted paper presenters. If representing an organisation outside of the AHISA network of schools, please be aware that this is not an opportunity for a sales pitch. This is an opportunity to add to the national conversation around leadership in the independent schools sector and contribute to the professional development of our schools’ senior staff as well as educational outcomes of students in our care.

*If you represent an organisation outside of the AHISA network of schools and are selected to present at the conference you are only to attend the session you are presenting. AHISA staff will be in contact regarding registration details.