Key topics covered in this online webinar will include:

In recruitment, schools must ensure that the successful candidate is not only appropriately qualified, capable of performing the role, and suitable to work around children.  They must also be the right “fit”. 

An effective recruitment process minimises the risk of a school employing the wrong person, and an appropriate on-boarding process can set up new starters for success.  However, probation periods must also be used effectively to identify warning signs and avoid significant problems down the track.

In this live webinar, Ben Tallboys, Principal, and Natasha Sim, Associate, will provide an overview of the key legal considerations that apply to schools during the hiring process, and cover:

  • What information a school can and cannot ask for during recruitment (including criminal records and health issues)
  • The scope of religious exemptions and the laws around recruiting for diversity
  • Reference checks and worker screening: updates to legislation, police checks, what to ask for and why What to include in a job description and an employment contract
  • Effective use of fixed-term and maximum-term contracts and renewal options
  • Navigating laws surrounding transfer of employee entitlements
  • The onboarding process: ensuring new recruits understand the school’s standards
  • After onboarding:
    • Dealing with employees who fail to disclose information during recruitment
    • Using the probation period effectively
  • How to document the hiring process to minimise risk


Ben Tallboys
Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

Natasha Sim
Associate, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

If you would like to submit a question in advance for consideration by Ben Tallboys or Natasha Sim, please email
[email protected]