Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Is this event only available online?
Yes, this is a one-day virtual event. 


How much is registration?
AHISA Members full registration is $50.00 (inc.GST)

What is included in my virtual registration?
Full member registration includes:

  • Access to all virtual keynote and panel conference sessions
  • Access to the Table Talk video gallery
  • Access to the networking session
  • Access to the partner listings
  • Access to the meeting hub
  • A copy of Gail Kelly’s book – Live Lead Learn (books will be posted after the conference).

How do I register?

To join us for AHISA Biennial Conference Online, you will need to register your attendance through the Online Registration Portal. Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email to let you know you have successfully registered. Please click here  to register.

When will registrations open?
Registrations will open online on Thursday 26 August 2021.

When does registration close?
Online registrations will close at midday on Monday 27 September 2021.

Who is eligible to attend the conference?
Please note that registration is only open to general members of AHISA (ie. School Principals) and invited Heads from ISNZ. Aspirant Members are not eligible to attend this particular conference.

When do I need to make my registration payment by?
Registrations must be paid with credit card at time of registering. VISA, Mastercard and AMEX are all accepted.

Virtual Portal Information

What browser should I use?

We recommend using Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox to access the Online Platform. We also recommend you clear your cookies and cache prior to logging in and disable any VPN’s you may be using.
To optimise the broadcast of sessions, please do not use ‘incognito’ or ‘hidden search’ browser settings.

How do I get my Log in details?
Your login details will be sent to you to access the portal 24 hours prior to the conference. If you do not receive this email please contact Consec. Please be sure to check your Junk inbox for this email.

Logged in and can't see sessions?
Log out, clear your browser history, cookies and cache and log back in. If you are having other connection problems please use the Live Tech Support icon to ask for assistance (red icon on top right corner. 
Please note, Live Tech Support is only available during conference program hours.

Your Password/PIN
Please keep your login details handy to access the portal as you may need to log in and out of the portal. You can reset your password at any time. Your PIN will always stay the same so you can also use this to log in. If you do not receive the email, please contact Consec.

Getting live support
For support prior to the live event please email Consec. 
For support during the live event please click the Tech Support button on the top right-hand side of the portal (red icon with a headset). Please note, Live Tech Support is only available during conference program hours.

Logging in for the first time
When you first login to the OnAIR Portal, the Event Check-In window displays, where you can update your profile, capture or add a profile photo and review your privacy settings. To edit or change these settings, please click on your profile photo at the top right of the screen and select My Settings. Please check that your time zone is set correctly to ensure the agenda displays in your local time.

I get an error display of 'No playable sources found'
Go back to the timeline and come back into the session again. If the issue still continues, open a ‘back-up stream’ of the AIRCast session at the bottom left corner of the video and select “Audio/Video Issues?”.

My screen is being cut off in a session
If you are using a laptop, we recommend setting your screen resolution settings to 100% as opposed to 125%. This will fix this problem.

Audio recommendation
There are interactive sessions and networking features available, so a headset is recommended to optimise your audio.

Log in permissions
Each time you log in you will be asked to give permission for the portal to use your camera and microphone. We recommend allowing both features to maximise your experience as you will then be able to use the Exhibition Hall, Meeting Hub and join the Social Functions.

Portal Features

Using the timeline
Sessions and functions that are happening on the day are listed in the timeline in chronological order. You can click on any of the items in the timeline to view additional information and join the session or function.
The OnAIR timeline will display in your browsers time zone. To edit your time zone click ‘My Settings’ located at the top right-hand side of the OnAIR Portal.

Using the partner listing
The partner listing will be open for the duration of the Conference.  You can view the uploaded materials and meet with the conference partners. When requesting a meeting with a conference partner your camera and microphone will need to be enabled.

Table Talk gallery
This section of the portal contains Table Talk videos and Supporting Materials. You can communicate with presenters via the discussion forum associated with each table talk.

Using live Q&A
Some sessions will be running a Live Q&A so you can write in questions to the speakers. Use the Live Q&A tab on the right-hand side of the session page to ‘up-vote’ questions you like the sound of and ask your own questions.

Using the meeting hub 
The Meeting Hub allows you to connect and communicate with other attendees. Once you have located an attendee you want to connect with, click the Connect button. Once the other attendee accepts your request, you can choose to interact with your connection by starting a live chat or live video call. You can also schedule to meet at a future time, send messages and take notes. Contact information for all attendees you have connected with will be included when you export your contacts (see the Exporting your Notes and Contacts for additional information).  You cannot see yourself in the Meeting Hub so do not be alarmed if you are not visible.

Cancellation and disclaimers

I need to cancel my virtual registration, what do I do?
Cancellations must be received in writing to Consec – Conference and Event Management at [email protected]
Cancellations will not be deemed to be received until you have written confirmation from Consec – Conference and Event Management. If you have not received acknowledgement within two business days, please contact Consec – Conference and Event Management on (02) 6252 1200.

Refunds will adhere to the following cancellation terms:
Registration Fees:
– Cancellations on or before Sunday 12 September 2021 will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
– Cancellations on or after Monday 13 September 2021 will receive no refund.