The Leading, Learning & Caring Conference will run from Wednesday 14 – Friday 16 April 2021, with two pre-conference sessions on Tuesday 13 April 2021.

Download a printable version of the program here.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

8.30am   Pre-conference option: Financial Literacy Workshop (8.30am-5pm)
   Open to all conference delegates (additional charges apply)
 Read more on the Financial Literacy Workshop
12.45pm   Pre-conference option: Governance 101 Masterclass (12.45-5pm)
   For AHISA Aspirant Members only. Free of charge.
 Read more on the Governance 101 Masterclass.
5pm  Aspirant Happy Hour (5-6pm)
   For delegates of both pre-conference workshops

Wednesday 14 April 2021

9am    Pre-conference option: School Visit Program (9am-12pm)
    Read more about each school tour
    Tour 1: Camberwell Girls' Grammar School, Carey Baptist Grammar School
    Tour 2: Melbourne Grammar School, Melbourne Girls Grammar School
    Tour 3: Firbank Grammar School, Brighton Grammar School, Mentone Grammar
    Tour 4: Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar, St Catherine's School
    Tour 5: Trinity Grammar School, Ruyton Girls' School
    Tour 6: Aitken College, Hume Anglican Grammar
 12pm   Lunch
 1pm   Conference opening session
    Welcome to Country, Murrundindi
Conference opening, Rev Chris Ivey, AHISA National Chair
 1.30pm   Keynote: Simon Breakspear
    "Responsive Implementation"
How teams could work together to create effective educational change. Abstract
 2.30pm   Peer group session 1 


Small groups of 10-15 delegates provide an opportunity to share candidly about the joys and challenges of your roles, as well as your key conference takeaways. 
Opt in when you register in order to be allocated into a peer group with others in similar roles to yourself.

 3.30pm   Afternoon tea
 4pm   Concurrent workshop 1 (4-5pm)
    Read more about each option for workshop 1

  1.1 Responsive Implementation into Action: Running cycles of interactive work with teams
          Dr Simon Breakspear
    1.2 Becoming an 'employer' and not simply an 'employee'
           Ben Tallboys, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
    1.3 Reporting on Progress
           Ben Lawless, Aitken College VIC
    1.4 Through growth to achievement - how can new teachers be supported to achieve excellence?
           Dr Julie Harris, Guildford Grammar School WA
    1.5 Digital Wellbeing - the next frontier of wellbeing education
           Adam Somes, Kingswood College VIC
    1.6 Growing and mentoring female leaders
           Melissa Brady and Phillip Heath, Barker College NSW
 5pm   Welcome Reception (5-7pm)
    Join us for an enjoyable evening of food, wine and fun entertainment.
Lucky door prizes will be up for grabs.
 7pm   Day concludes 

Thursday 15 April 2021

 8am   Arrival tea and coffee 
 8.30am    Multi-faith morning reflection (Optional)
 9am   Keynote: Lee Watanabe Crockett
    "Future-Focused Learning" Abstract
 10am   Morning tea
 10.30am   Ignite talks (10:30-11:30am)
    Select one group where you will hear from four speakers presenting for 10 minutes each on a range of topics.
 Group 1    Abstracts
    1. Collecting, analysing and using evidence from lesson observations
         Kirsten Macaulay, St Andrew's Cathedral School NSW
    2. Guiding selection in social and personal capabilities
        Greg Wacker, Canterbury College QLD
    3. Navigating the evolving gender landscape. A girl's school journey in developing policy for gender diverse students
        Lisa Gatliff, Methodist Ladies College VIC
 Group 2    Abstracts
    1.Effective use of data for student wellbeing and academic success
         Deborah Clancy, St Catherine's School NSW
    2. Peer coaching for improving teacher practice
         Michael Newton, Oran Park Anglican College NSW 
    3. Achieving inspired teaching through an instructional coaching model
         Michele Sauer, Somerset College QLD
    4. D Force 
         Kristen Waldron, The Hamilton and Alexandra College VIC
 Group 3    Abstracts
    1. Effective teams have psychological safety
        Bill Garland, Canterbury College QLD
    2. Challenge and enrichment; supporting the growth of highly able students 
        Dr Kelly Sharp, Scotch College SA, Flinders University
    3. What is positive masculinity and why do we need it?
         Lauren Cook, Berwick Grammar VIC
    4. Immersive and engaging learning in the middle years
         Emma Mcdonald, St Michael's Grammar School VIC
 Group 4    Abstracts
    1. Growing in attributes
        Peter Robson and Yasmine McCafferty, Carey Baptist Grammar School VIC
    2. Mental health and wellbeing in practice
         Rowena Dudgeon, Barker College NSW
    3. Learning to learn
        Sarah Shepherd, Sacred Heart College VIC
    4. A three year journey from disengagement to prefect
        Simon Angus, Christ Church Grammar School
 Group 5    Abstracts
    1. Through growth to achievement - how can parents be supported to assist their Year 7 children to achieve excellence?
        Graham Lawson, Guildford Grammar School WA
    2. Leadership for non-elected leaders
        Cathy Poyser and Nareen Robinson, Camberwell Girls Grammar School VIC
    3. PERMA+ in action through staff wellbeing boosters
        Andrew Eunson, St Andrew's Anglican College QLD
    4. Transition to senior school - the Camberwell Way
        Cathy Poyser, Camberwell Girls Grammar School VIC 
 Group 6    Abstracts
    1. Of cardigans and confidence
        Lucy Gowdie, Peninsular Grammar School VIC
    2. Learning dispositions in a K-12 school
        Amy van Arkkels, Roseville College NSW 
    3. Mindfulness: Neurons that fire together, wire together. Training our minds to change our brains
        Monica Le Couteur, Brighton Grammar School VIC 
    4. A visible culture - promoting indigenous programs in schools
        Norm Kerley, John Paul College QLD
 11.30am   Peer group 2
    Pick up where you left off with your peer group from day one
 12pm   Lunch
 1pm   Concurrent workshop 2 (1-2pm)
    Read more about each option for workshop 2
    2.1 Mindful Assessment: The essential fluencies of innovative learning
          Lee Watanabe Crockett
    2.2 Principalship - are you 'match fit'?
           Chris Franklin, Founder, AdValore Partners
    2.3 Measuring the 7 C's - placing value on student success and growth
           Mathew Irving, Wesley College, South Perth
    2.4 Equipping year 9 and 10 students to grow and succeed in a changing world through an innovative new academy of global competency
           Karen Yager, Knox Grammar School 
    2.5 Lifting the lid on mental health in Preparatory Schools in a safe and sustainable format  
           Adelaide Brown, The Scots College
    2.6 The teacher learning coalition
            Stuart Johnston and Lucy Gowdie, Peninsula Grammar School Mt Eliza
 2pm    Keynote: Ian Gilbert
    "You're not thinking, you're just being logical"
When schools get things wrong by doing things right and what we can do about it.  Abstract
 3pm    Afternoon tea
 3.30pm   Concurrent workshop 3 (3.30-4.30pm)
    Read more about each option for workshop 3
    3.1 Panel of senior leadership
           Hear from senior leaders of AHISA schools as they share their personal and professional journeys. 
    3.2 Growing digital citizens
           Lee Watanabe Crockett
    3.3 Thinking, self esteem and the being well agenda
           Ian Gilbert
    3.4 Artificial intelligence in education - promises and pitfalls
           Gerard Houlihan, St Michael's Grammar School
    3.5 A mastery approach in the classroom
          Steve Crapnell, All Hallows School QLD
    3.6 Showing growth: practical hints for constructing growth continua for reporting
           Dr Tony Tuckfield, Camberwell Grammar School VIC
 4.30pm   Happy hour (4.30-5.30pm)
    Enjoy a cold drink with new friends
 5.30pm   Day concludes 
 6.30pm   Optional: Hosted dinners
    Take advantage of Melbourne's culinary reputation and opt in for one of our hosted dinners. There are six restaurants to choose from with numbers capped at each to ensure a relaxed and intimate experience. 

Friday 16 April 2021

 8.30am   Arrival tea and coffee
 9am    Keynote: Michael Bungay Stanier 
    "The 5 question leader" Abstract
 10.30am   Morning tea
 11am   Concurrent workshop 4 (11am-12pm)
    Read more about each option for workshop 4
    4.1 Panel of Principalship
          What is it really like to be a Principal and how do you get there?
    4.2 Pausing for student lead passion projects - embedding general capabilities authentically with impact!
           Matthew O'Brien and Kathy Chiera, Bunbury Cathedral School
    4.3 Leading learning for differentiation; supporting the development of teachers' understanding and practices of differentiation
          Dr Kelly Sharp, Scotch College and Flinders University
    4.4 Faces on the data at Oxley College
           Kate Psarakis and Jo Ismay, Oxley College NSW         
    4.5 Measuring and developing emotional intelligence in schools
           Professor Con Stough and Maryanne Kapoulitsas, Swinbourne University
Andrew Wheaton, Whitsunday Anglican School QLD
       Dr  Nathan Simmons, Brisbane Grammar School
    4.6 From anxiety to empowerment: identifying interventions that reduce academic worry in girls
           Cathryn Furey, Linda Douglas and Dr Bernadette Nicholls, Ruyton Girls School VIC 
 12pm   Keynote: Kristen Douglas
    "2021 School leader wellbeing" Abstract
 1pm   Conference close 
 1.30pm   Lunch
    Stay on for our final lunch and the announcement of the competition winners
(You must be present to claim your prize)
 2.30pm   Conference concludes

Program content and timings are subject to change without notice