Attorney-General’s Department

10 January 2022

Review of the Privacy Act 1988

AHISA’s submission addressed aspects of the Privacy Review discussion paper with application to the online privacy of young Australians. 

AHISA supports inclusion of express requirements regarding children’s privacy in the Privacy Act – as well as via the online provider code as proposed by the Online Privacy Bill – as an important addition to the suite of legislative and regulatory measures Australia is introducing to reduce the risk of harm to children in online environments.

AHISA’s submission also lends support to the setting of age 16 as the age at which children and young people are considered under law to have the capacity to give consent to sharing of their data, while supporting the age of 18 as the age to which young people are able to exercise a right to erasure of data or images on the ground of being a child.

Review of the Privacy Act 1988 — FULL SUBMISSION