House of Representatives Select Committee on Social Media and Online Safety

12 January 2022

Inquiry into Social Media and Online Safety

AHISA’s submission to the Select Committee’s inquiry focuses on the need for support for young Australians as they engage with the rapidly changing online environment.

AHISA argues that the risk of harm to children and young people from digital technologies and online engagement has been compounded by the impact these technologies have had on society more widely; that is, children and young people are at risk from the cultural shifts that have occurred from technological change as well as from their individual experiences of online interaction. 

AHISA encourages the Select Committee to consider online safety not just within the context of protection for individuals, but as an issue encompassing the wellbeing of the nation’s social fabric. To help protect Australia’s social fabric – and therefore the wellbeing of children and young people – AHISA recommends that the Committee consider the value of a public campaign aimed at highlighting online safety as a responsibility of all Australians.

Inquiry into Social Media and Online Safety — FULL SUBMISSION