Deregulation Taskforce

12 February 2021

Automatic mutual recognition of occupational registrations

In early 2021, the Deregulation Taskforce of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet conducted a consultation on draft Commonwealth legislation for automatic mutual recognition of occupational registrations, including teacher registration. 
AHISA’s submission supported the concept and goal of automatic mutual recognition (AMR) and gave in-principle support to the draft legislation in recognition that regulatory support for teacher mobility offered benefits for both teachers and their employers. AHISA noted that differences in teacher registration and re-registration requirements in each jurisdiction and lack of portability of Working With Children Checks mitigate against the likelihood of any immediate change in current practice in the school education sector. AHISA further noted that until a national Working With Children Check scheme could be devised and implemented, leaders of independent schools would continue to tolerate registration ‘red tape’ and the slow pace of reform to current teacher registration practice.

Automatic mutual recognition of occupational registrations – FULL SUBMISSION