6 July 2018

NSRB report signals schools must wait for funding certainty

The Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA) has welcomed the assurance of the federal Minister for Education, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham, that he will consult with the non-government school sectors and with state and territory governments before the Government responds formally to the report of the National School Resourcing Board (NSRB) on SES score methodology.

‘The NSRB has undertaken a thorough review of the SES score methodology that is used in the Government’s funding model for non-government schools, and that must be commended,’ said AHISA CEO Ms Beth Blackwood. ‘However the NSRB’s recommendations will need rigorous testing, which means development of a funding model that provides certainty for families and schools and meets equity concerns may still be a few years away.’

Ms Blackwood said that a big question requiring investigation is whether the creation of a “rolling average” of SES scores based on annual assessments of household income will provide the operational stability for schools that the NSRB expects.
‘Schools must have operational stability if they are to deliver consistency in educational provision,’ said Ms Blackwood.

‘The NSRB has left the Government with a huge task in testing and assessing the recommendations in its report,’ said Ms Blackwood. ‘Senator Birmingham’s commitment to further consultation will be welcomed by schools, systems and parents.’


Contact: Ms Beth Blackwood, AHISA CEO, mobile 0417 180 842.

AHISA is a professional association of 430 Heads of independent schools. Its members lead schools that collectively account for over 11 per cent of total Australian school enrolments and 20 per cent of Year 12 enrolments.

AHISA’s submission to the review of SES score methodology is published on the Department of Education’s website at https://submissions.education.gov.au/Forms/ses-review-submissions/Documents/AHISA-Review-of-SES-Score-Submission.pdf

NSRB report signals schools must wait for funding certainty  - Media release