22 March 2019

In support of school leaders in New Zealand

“On behalf of AHISA’s members in Australia and overseas, I wish to express our heartfelt concern for our colleagues in New Zealand, and particularly for Heads leading school communities in Christchurch.

“The massacres last week, at two mosques in Christchurch, have reminded us all of how very precious – and how very vulnerable – are the trust and tolerance we rely on to support our democratic freedoms.

“As school leaders we carry an enormous responsibility in educating young people who will both care about and care for those freedoms. We also are tasked with making it safe for our young people to respond to such senseless acts of violence in a way that strengthens their own sense of meaning and purpose and nurtures their hopes and optimism for the future.

“This is a tremendous challenge for leaders.

“To our colleagues in New Zealand, please know that you and your communities are on our minds and in our hearts at this time.”

AHISA National Chair