Branch meetings 2023


For details/enquiries contact Roxanne Arnold (Executive Assistant) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Location  Details
1 Monday, 27 February   Hills Grammar School  Dinner - Sunday, 26 February  
2 Monday, 22 May  Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar   Dinner - Sunday, 21 May
3 Monday, 14 August  Abbotsleigh  Dinner - Sunday, 13 August
4 Monday, 30 October   St Andrews Cathedral School  Dinner - Sunday, 29 October 


For details/enquiries contact Leonie Kirk (Professional Officer) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Agenda  Location  Time
 1 Tuesday, 7 February  Executive Meeting  Trinity Grammar School  10.30am
 1 Tuesday, 28 February   Branch Meeting Carey Baptist Grammar School  2:00pm 
 2 Thursday, 27 April   Executive Meeting Camberwell Grammar School   10.30am
 2 Thursday, 11 May - Friday, 12 May   Residential Branch Seminar  RACV Healesville Registration TBC
 2 Tuesday, 30 May  Branch Meeting Southern Cross Grammar 12.00pm Registration
 3 Tuesday, 25 July   Executive Meeting Tintern Grammar 10.30am
 3 Tuesday, 15 August  Branch Meeting Aitken College 2.00pm Registration
 4 Tuesday, 10 October   Executive Meeting Aitken College 10.30am
 4  TBC  Past Heads Luncheon (by invitation) Presbyterian Ladies College TBC
 4  Thursday, 9 November  Branch Meeting (and farewells) Yarra Valley Grammar School 2.00pm Registration
 4 Saturday, 18 November   Annual Dinner TBC  6:30pm 


For details/enquiries contact Melissa Powell (Secretary) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Location  Details
 1 Thursday, 23 March   Christ Church Grammar School Lunch - 12:30pm
Meeting - 1:00pm till 2:30/3:00pm
 2 Thursday, 15 June  Carmel School Lunch - 12:30pm
Meeting - 1:00pm till 2:30/3:00pm
 3 Thursday, 31 August
 Penrhos College Lunch - 12:30pm  
Meeting - 1:00pm till 2:30/3:00pm
 4 Thursday, 9 November  International School of Western Australia Lunch - 12:30pm  
Meeting - 1:00pm till 2:30/3:00pm
 4 Thursday, 9 November   St Mary's Anglican Girls' School End of Year Dinner
6:30pm onwards


For details/enquiries contact Lisa Beeney (Executive Assistant) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Location  Details
 1  Friday, 3 March St Margaret's Anglican Girls School Breakfast meeting
7:30am onwards
 2  Monday, 12 June University of Queensland  
 3  - N/A Cancelled due to 2023 AHISA Biennial Conference  
 4  Monday, 23 October St Margaret's Anglican Girls School  Annual Current and Former Heads Dinner
6.30pm onwards


For details/enquiries contact Helen Riekie (Secretary/Treasurer) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Location  Details
 1  Sunday, 12 February   Wine Centre Sunset drinks to welcome the new year
 1  Wednesday, 8 March  Pembroke Branch meeting
4.30pm onwards
 2  Thursday, 25 May  Loreto College Branch meeting
4.30pm onwards
 3  Sunday, 24 September - Tuesday, 26 September   QLD Conference
 4  Thursday 2 November  Seymour College Branch Meeting
4.30pm onwards, followed by end of year dinner


For details/enquiries contact Andy Muller (Secretary) - [email protected]

Term  Date  Location  Details
 1  Monday, 3 April St Patrick's College  Agenda - SATIS AGM
12:30pm onwards    
 2  Tuesday 6 June Online via Zoom  Starting at 10am with AGM
 3  Tuesday, 12 September Guildford Young College, 
Glenorchy Campus
12.30pm onwards
 4  NA