Principalship Model

AHISA’s Model of Autonomous School Principalship

AHISA’s Model of Autonomous School Principalship describes the roles and responsibilities, skills and dispositions required for successful autonomous school leadership.

Development of the Model began in 2009 as a project of AHISA’s Developing Leadership national working group. The leadership descriptors listed in the Model emerged from the knowledge and experiences of working group members and their discussions with AHISA branch colleagues. The descriptors continue to be refined by input from AHISA members.

A version of the Model with supporting research and suitable for public dissemination was published in April 2011. Feedback and recent research on school leadership was incorporated in a second version published in October 2011.

The Model is conceived of as a living document, always open to member feedback and progressive development.

Click here to download the latest version of AHISA’s Model of Autonomous School Principalship.