AHISA Infographics

AHISA has developed a series of infographics to present key facts about independent schools and school leadership.

AHISA Infographic 1 - The value of independent schooling

Independent schools & student academic achievement

Issued in July 2015, this infographic presents research evidence about how independent schools create academic opportunity for their students.

Australian independent schools are top performers

Issued in April 2017, this infographic shows that, according to the OECD’s international PISA tests, Australian independent schools rank among the world’s best.

AHISA Infographic #3

What parents say: Quality education & independent schools

Issued in March 2016, this infographic presents findings of parent surveys on why parents choose independent schools, on what makes for a quality education in an independent school, on what parents rate as the top strengths of their child’s independent school or why they would recommend their child’s independent school to others.


Top 10 Stress Busters for Principals

Issued in January 2017, the cartoon presents tips for Principals on how to reduce the stress of school leadership. It may also be viewed at Pixton.com


Principal Health & Wellbeing – The Risks

Issued in February 2017, the infographic sets out some of the major risks to the health and wellbeing of independent school leaders, as identified in recent research.