AHISA’s first 25 years

AHISA 25 Years – 1985-2010

During the 2009-11 biennial period AHISA celebrated 25 years of operation since its formation in 1985 from the amalgamation of the Headmasters Conference of Independent Schools of Australia (known as HMC) and the Association of Heads of Independent Girls’ Schools of Australia (AHIGSA).

To celebrate, AHISA published its national story, AHISA 25 Years 1985-2010

AHISA also joined with the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), which was celebrating 40 years of operation in 2010, to host the AHISA & ISCA Education Forum in Canberra on Monday 30 August 2010. The Forum, Independent Education: An Evolving Future, recognised the place of independent schools in Australian education and contributed to national policy debate on key issues in education.

A celebratory dinner was held on the night of the Forum. This event brought together former AHISA National Chairs and Heads who had been instrumental in AHISA’s formation, as well as former ISCA board members, to join with current AHISA members, representatives from ISCA and the state and territory Associations of Independent Schools, and departmental and government agency officers.

In preparation for the publication of its national story, AHISA’s former National Chairs were interviewed. As well as providing a rich oral history of AHISA’s evolution, the National Chairs shared their views on a range of school leadership issues. These were published in AHISA’s journal Independence:

Advice to aspiring Principals, Independence Vol 35 No 1, May 2010

25 years of Principalship, Independence Vol 35 No 2, October 2010

A ‘time capsule’ of archival material from 1985 is also published as part of AHISA’s Year 25 celebrations

The history of AHIGSA, by Margaret McPherson

The history of HMCISA, by J. Wilson Hogg

Address by Kathleen McCredie, President of AHIGSA

Address by Max Howell, Chairman of HMCISA

Additional extracts from other addresses to the third national conference of AHIGSA and HMCISA, at which AHISA was formed

Extracts from AHISA’s minutes, 1985

AHISA Members 1985